Aje Festival 2022: A New Dawn Of Widespread Prosperity In Unison To Yoruba Cultural Wealth

Life was created by Olodumare to make do

with the available resources on Earth in achieving survival at its sustenance.
For every man, there is a purpose of existence, which is major to impact other
lives. However, success is not defined by what you achieve, but it’s a factor
of the people who had hope and got good fortunes through you.


In Yoruba culture, the Aje deity is
believed to be the custodian of wealth and prosperity assigned by Olodumare to
distribute this wealth and prosperity evenly across the face of the Earth.
Through her, many persons, businesses, and nations of the world have been
blessed with the aura of success she carries.


The Aje deity may not be living amongst us
but she lives in us. Notable of her embodiment is the Iyalaje Oodua, Princess
(Dr.) Toyin Kolade, is now the emissary of the Aje deity, both spiritually and
physically. She has been serving in the stead of the Aje deity, thereby moving
around to pray for the prosperity of people and businesses.


Since time immemorial, the Aje deity has
been adorned with a special ceremony to propitiate and supplicate for her
divine intervention in every life. This is what birth the Aje Festival, which
is an annual cultural event in Ile-Ife, to adulate and magnify the exploits of
the Aje deity.


Did you know? The Aje deity is very
important, such that, other worshippers, like Ifa, Ogun, Obatala, etc, revere
her in their chants.


For many years, Aje Festival has been a
cynosure of Yoruba’s cultural value, as it brings people across the globe to
the temple of wealth and prosperity to make them partakers of loads of blessing
streaming from the Aje deity.


However, the celebration of the Aje Festival has taken a new turn since the Iyalaje Oodua, Princess (Dr.) Toyin Kolade has been at the helm of coordination of the festival. It could be recalled that she was installed as the “Iyalaje Oodua” on the 17th July 2021 by His Imperial Majesty, Oba (Dr.) Adeyeye Eniyan Ogunwusi (Ojaja II), Ooni of Ife.


Therefore, as Aje Festival 2022 becomes the first Aje celebration under her ordained belt, the event has transitioned from its regular one-day event to an impressive 4-day event, which will be characterized by different exposé to relish on even after the event.


Major features of this year’s Aje Festival include:

·         Aje Heritage Summit (February 25)

·         Aje Music Festival (February 26)

·         Movie Screening/Awards Night (February 27)

·         Annual Aje Festival (February 28)

Interestingly, the Aje Heritage Summit will be having its maiden edition, where every trader and emerging entrepreneur will converge to be educated more on how to leverage the meteoric advancement in technology to ace their businesses. The business summit will feature seasoned business experts, who will sharpen up participants in becoming successful in their business endeavor. This falls in line with the ideals of the Aje deity, who is reputed for the creation of wealth and prosperity.


Let’s not forget that Yoruba is rich in its cultural value, especially when it comes to the art of music. That is why the most successful musicians in Nigeria, from time past till date are Yoruba sons and daughters. When it comes to Yoruba music, we always carry our culture along with genres like Fuji, Apala, Afrobeats, and Juju. So coming to the Aje Festival 2022, be expectant of an ensemble of Yoruba music from Yoruba musicians whose exuberance in music is top-notch.


Meanwhile, what is the essence of our culture as Yoruba people without having an epic day of who we are and recognizing the people who have been tenacious in upholding the glory of our culture as “Omo Oduduwa”. It is to this end that we will also be showcasing our beautiful culture in the art of movie production and presentation of awards.

The best is saved for the last. Moreover, the focal point of this 4-day cultural ostentation is the Aje Festival on Monday, February 28, 2022. This day is when all and sundry will be celebrating and paying homage to the Aje deity. The Aje deity deserves our reverence and this is the day we will be going to the Aje Shrine to pray and place our supplications to her. This festival is expected to be led by Iyalaje Oodua, Princess (Dr.) Toyin Kolade, with the royal and spiritual ordinance of His Imperial Majesty, Oba (Dr.) Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi (Ojaja II), Ooni of Ife.


We believe that many people will throng to Ile-Ife from far and wide to celebrate while departing with blessings from the Aje Festival 2022. It promises to be a life-changing experience, so be there!


Aje onisoboji maa bukun fun gbogbo wa oooo……Ase!!!