I Am My Own Woman

The sun and the moon shine differently.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this journey – Life is an individual race.  No two people are the same. Each path, different. Each journey, different. Each story, different.

As humans, just as our faces differ, so do our stories. We all come from different backgrounds with different passions, aspirations, and motivations. While I’ve ever never been one to live for the applause, it doesn’t make me any better than those who feel the need to “show off.” We all view things differently. 

No one definition of success exists, we’ve got different shades at our every turn. Each individual should be celebrated differently without reservation or comparison. Comparison, by far life’s most undermined killers, has been known to quench countless dreams, ruin one too many potentials and ignite the flames of hatred, jealousy, contempt, anger, low self-confidence, and depression.

I find it quite worrisome and in fact, utterly distasteful how in today’s world, we find the ugly trend of women comparing women with each other.  We live in overly impressionable times where the mirage of perfection is portrayed at our every turn. Let’s face it, with the illusion of perfection mounting, finding joy and fulfillment isn’t something quite easily attained in this delicate time where mental health should take priority. Let empathy take priority in our daily dealings.

Just for the records, allow me to state firmly that I, Princess (Dr.) Toyin Kolade is in no competition with anyone. I am in a lane all of myself, with eyes set each day to be better than I was. I refused to be compared with anyone else. I refuse to be boxed into anyone’s ideals. I am me. 

Each woman is unique, that is our superpower. This is my superpower. Let’s drop the self-absorbed comparison and join hands, together, we’re stronger together. The beauty of life isn’t about winning alone, but inspiring and bringing others along to achieve greatness as well. This is my sole mission, to build! It is my greatest joy to lend a hand of support to everyone who crosses my path. The thrill of seeing others succeed is what pushes me beyond  limits, eliciting warmness in my heart and a rich glow that radiates from my very being. 

Let’s build each other. Together we can!