Lead City University VC, Prof Adeyemo lauds Iyalaje Oodua for partnership with GYLGF over Girl- Child ambition

In celebration of the International Day of Girl Child, I was to deliver a goodwill message at the Maiden edition of RAGA symposium; I was unavoidable absent but I was ably represented by Dayo Aboderin, a seasoned broadcaster, and vlogger at Repjist.tv
The event was held at the prestigious Leadcity University Ibadan as I promised my continuous support to keep doing things that will uplift the girl child most especially in the area of education and social welfare against all vices that can truncate their future…
Good day, beautiful people, Permit me to stand on the already existing protocols, I must commend the conveners of this initiative, it’s quite commendable. I celebrate your consistency in raising Girls Ambition with this global symposium. it’s a welcome initiative I am willing to be associated and also partner with.  It’s with great pleasure that I stand before you as the Iyalaje Oodua, among these promising young girls, resonates with redolent memories of my formative years as a girl filled with lofty dreams and aspirations.

While growing, many said I was a girl who lives in a man’s world because the word impossibility does not exist in my lexicon. I am a woman of possibilities; who can achieve any set goals. I try as much as possible not to box myself up with the stereotype surrounding the female gender. I try every time to shatter the stereotypes to achieve my goals in life.  This and many more set my foot on the path of greatness and has also made me the woman I am today.

Like I would always say, Education is the greatest asset a woman can have either formal it informal. Education is light and availing the girlchild the opportunity to education is raising a generation because knowledge is passed from one generation to the other. I want to implore our parents to make sure our children have access to education. With this impending factor, many children have benefited from my educational scholarship and more will still benefit from it as long as I live. I will try my best to make sure I invest my resources and time for the upliftment of the girl child.

As girls, we need to be decent in our dealings and also embrace positive change because we are home builders. we should not forget that we are the salt of life without you and I the world would be a very boring place. Let’s continue to add spice to life in a positive way.

God bless you all for listening.