The Good Turn Of Life Deserves Another

In my trance of achieving success in life, many individuals have crossed my path in different regards. But what kept me going was showing everyone, regardless of age and status with a demeanor of kindness and humility.

My journey of life is not descriptive of a smooth ride, which means there have been pockets of a rollercoaster to get to where I am today, but when I look back, I realize my life has been undercut with a series of inspirational stories.

The true test of man lies in the ability to face and topple challenges that present themselves, which I have been doing over the years. Diligence, decisiveness, and devotion to my calling as an entrepreneur and philanthropist have kept me going. Interestingly, because these (business and philanthropy) are my callings, they keep calling me, beckoning me to be the better version of myself.

As a serial entrepreneur, having a business outlook is not a day journey of the cruise. Every resource at my disposal was harnessed to bring the little business of then to a behemoth that we have today. These are the years of investment in time, energy, and finances to get what needs to be done achieved. Seeing me today as a business mogul is a litmus test to my years of commitment towards curating a niche of endeavour for myself and the people around me.

Reputed as a philanthropist who has been avidly passionate about the social welfare of underserved people, especially young people, I have over the years designed and developed different initiatives driven at impacting the lives of the younger generation through the provision of scholarships, health maintenance kits, empowerment of all sorts, etc. With my soft spot for underserved people and communities, I am committed to making life easy for all. This is because if life is easy for all, the world will be a better place for all.

I’m largely characterized by the gesture of showing love even if the world turns against me. I’m me. I’m myself. My life is like a mirror that is easy to reflect my true self. That is why I don’t always run from who I am. I am human before anything, so that is why I don’t allude myself to being a demigod to be adored because of the feat I’ve been able to achieve so far. 

My life has been in chapters and for every chapter, there is an actor whose role in the walk of my life can not be undermined. So everyone who has played one role or the other in the purview of my life, I say Thank You.


Assuming the installed role of the Iyalaje Oodua Worldwide, it is in recognition of my exploits towards bringing a remarkable change to my immediate world, while it is also a clarion call for me to get charged in doing more. Maybe it is high time the latent exploits in me get triggered to attain the zenith of cultural relevance and providence that is seemingly unattainable. Being the Iyalaje Oodua Worldwide is the time for me to be redundant or complacent for the meritorious recognition, work is getting started and we are in top gear to steer the wheel of the cultural value of Yoruba the greater height.

With a deep sense of humility and understanding, my arms are readily widely opened to embrace everyone, irrespective of social, religious, political, and cultural affiliation. My life is devoid of vendetta against any individual or entity. I believe that everyone can not subscribe to the same school of thought. The convergence of views towards a positive end and divergent views to a common good is what we need to stay united in one voice, one body, and one spirit to advance in life. This is why my emotional intelligence towards empathy is always awake to unlearn and relearn for success.

As a woman, wife, mother, businesswoman, cultural icon, philanthropist, and mentor, my life has been simplified as an open book to the lucid understanding of people. So for everyone who has stood by me in this journey of my life, I say Thank You.

However, I very well know that this recent time has not been easy for many of us who has at some point lost loved one(s), job, or the confidence to bounce back, my heart goes to you and you are not alone. As the pandemic has grossly descended on us with the ravaging fangs of wails and pains, we will pull through. This is not the end of us as efforts shall increasingly be intensified to combat the health menace that found its way into our green planet like a holocaust. Meanwhile, let’s endeavour to put safety first in everything that we do.

Finally, you are important in your kind and you hold my love and respect. As there is no limit to what you can achieve, you achieve greatness.

To the love you’ve all shown to me this year, I didn’t take that for granted and I appreciate everything that you all do to support your lot. Thank you once again.

As 2021 winds down, I believe 2022 has better things in stock for us to be a partaker of, and it shall not elude us.

Aje a gbewa lase Eledumare

Ase! Ase!! Ase!!!